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Willdan’s LoadSEER Software Selected to Provide Advanced Load Forecasting for Eversource Massachusetts

17 Nov 2021

Willdan Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WLDN) announced that Eversource will deploy the latest version of Integral Analytics’ LoadSEER software in Massachusetts to support advanced load forecasting and grid planning. Willdan will assist Eversource in analyzing distributed energy resource (DER) adoption rate and load forecasting for Eversource throughout Massachusetts. Integral Analytics is Willdan’s wholly owned software subsidiary.

This enterprise software license will allow Eversource to use LoadSEER to perform alternative scenario analyses of grid load impacts for various adoption rates of electric vehicles, distributed solar, and battery energy storage. They will also use the software to model vehicle travel and to conduct 8760-scenario load forecasting. LoadSEER recently integrated a data “scrubber” feature that improves the quality and forecasting potential of utilities’ raw data, saving utilities time and money usually spent on data processing. Eversource will leverage LoadSEER to help predict the future evolution of transit patterns in Eversource’s Massachusetts territory.

“Power reliability is increasingly important to our customers,” said Gerhard Walker, Eversource’s Principal Engineer of System Planning. “This new software tool will allow our grid planners to continue to improve reliability through quicker, more informed decisions as our grid expands and transportation patterns change.”

“Willdan is excited to support Eversource’s grid planners with a single, time-tested source for all of their forecasting and planning needs,” said Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO and Chairman. “This contract is an example of our commitment to facilitating accurate demand forecasts and making complex grid planning decisions easy for our customers. Our software can use a variety of customer and third-party data sets with our data analysis tools to create highly accurate forecasts.”

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