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SCHURTER Inc Makes the List of North Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2021

14 Sep 2021

The North Bay Business Journal (NBBJ) has announced this year’s winners of its annual Best Places to Work award and SCHURTER is once again listed among the ranks of other notableNorth Bay companies. This will be the 14th year that the Sonoma County based SCHURTER Inc has made the list.

The inaugural Best Places to Work award took place in 2006. SCHURTER learned of the award and requested they be added to the NBBJ mail list for 2007. SCHURTER received its first award in 2007 and has gone on to win the award fourteen times. The company is especially proud of this awardbecause the recognition comes from its employees.

In fact, the list of winners is compiled from hundreds of positive surveys the NBBJ receives from employees. The employers represent a cross sectionof the industries, large and small, comprised of manufacturing, services, and nonprofits through the North Bay. The survey is open for about four weeks in June and July. It asks employees to comment on their views of the company, the people they work with, employment conditions, etc. Aresponse rate of at least 50% of employees is required for the nomination to move forward. The company selections are then determined after anextensive review of the employee comments in the overall scope of the survey and application criteria.

The award recognizes organizations which are rising above others in quality, professionalism, respect, and camaraderie as reported by company employees. 

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