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Landgrid by Loveland Technologies is Now Regrid

21 Jul 2021

Regrid — a leading provider of nationwide land parcel data in the United States — announces a rebrand from Landgrid by Loveland Technologies to Regrid as it continues to make land and location information more accessible, meaningful, and easier to work with. This is an identity consolidation and a company maturation move. 

Regrid provides property boundaries, addresses, ownership, assessment information, land use, and additional location context for 150+ million land parcels covering 99% of US residents — one of the largest land and spatial information databases in existence, and certainly the most accessible. 

Visitors to can see this information in a free map viewer and mobile app, and business customers can license the dataset for use in their own apps and databases. 

Regrid grew up in the civic technology and open data communities of Detroit, Michigan where it conducted ground-breaking citywide property surveys like the White House-supported Motor City Mapping project, tax foreclosure research and prevention, and other public-spirited work.

It has since gone national and grown tremendously, serving hundreds of thousands of site visitors, app users, map makers, and data licensors in industries spanning real estate, insurance, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, logistics, government, and the general public.

Regrid CEO, Jerry Paffendorf, says, "Land is fundamental, and many industries and communities need to know how land is subdivided, owned, used, inhabited, and networked into economies and ecologies. We're excited to provide that in a fresh, accessible way as Regrid."

He continues, "Our mission is to be the household name and service you think of first when you need to know about land and location information, whether that's an individual property, or the fabric of the entire US. It's important work, and it's also endlessly interesting."

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