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Interim CEO Jason Burwen’s Statement on Emergency Conditions in Texas

18 Feb 2021

The rolling power outages across Texas and other states caused by extreme weather are dangerous and demand urgent solutions for improved energy system resilience. These sustained, systemic power outages follow similar events caused by hurricanes in Puerto Rico and wildfires in California that have also threatened lives and livelihoods—and outages like this will happen again as climate change drives greater weather extremes while energy infrastructure remains increasingly aged. 

As the situation continues to unfold in Texas and other areas are being hit by grid reliability – Jason Burwen, Interim CEO of the U.S. Energy Storage Association has released the following statement:

“Our thoughts are with the people of Texas and other states as they cope with the dangerous conditions presented by extreme cold and lack of power and heat. ESA staff and our member companies have friends and family impacted by this disaster, and we share their overriding concern that providing relief and electric service recovery as quickly as possible be the sole focus of policymakers and power sector stakeholders.

“Once this emergency is over, we have to recognize that adapting to new weather extremes while mitigating climate change are our energy system’s most pressing challenges. Energy storage is a fundamental solution to meeting those challenges. Accelerating decarbonization and increasing resilience will only occur with diversification of energy storage technologies and deployment at an unprecedented scale. As outlined in ESA’s 2030 Vision, at least 100 GW of energy storage is needed to drive the clean energy transition and transform the electric system to handle 21st century demands. The energy storage industry is working diligently with utility partners, state and federal officials, and other power sector stakeholders to create a more resilient, affordable, and accessible electric grid for all customers facing extreme weather. On behalf of our membership, ESA is ready and willing to support policymakers and system planners with solutions that meet today’s grid challenges, while also addressing the needs of tomorrow.

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