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Francis Lacombe is Appointed President of Technostrobe

04 Mar 2021

Technostrobe, a leader in the manufacturing of obstruction lighting systems for marine and air navigation, is pleased to announce the appointment of Francis Lacombe as the Company's President. Mr Lacombe, who has been Vice President of Technostrobe since 2008, will take over from the company's founder, Guy Buisson, who will be retiring in June 2021. He will also acquire company shares, held by Mr Buisson, to become the sole owner. 

Our mission remains unchanged: to support navigational safety 

When Guy Buisson founded Technostrobe in 2001, his aim was to design, produce and distribute innovative, robust and efficient obstruction lighting solutions to ensure the safety of air traffic. Considerable emphasis was placed on research and development to help create innovative products which found a ready market in Canada. With the arrival of Francis Lacombe, the company turned its attention to exports in an attempt to develop new markets and pursue growth in North America and Europe. In 2018, Technostrobe acquired a majority interest in ITO Navaids, a Dutch company specialising in marine navigation aids.

Pursuing a well-considered and ambitious growth strategy 

In addition to his new duties, Mr Lacombe will retain responsibility for business development. The new leadership will seek to ensure continuity of the company's business strategy and its sustainability. Technostrobe is active in several promising market segments, including the offshore wind power market which is enjoying strong growth in Europe, the US and other regions. The company is optimistic about its future prospects and is committed to a well-considered, ambitious growth strategy so it can exploit opportunities that may arise over the coming months. 

Strengthening know-how and technical expertise 

Know-how is one of the company's core values, essential for ensuring the continued provision of robust and innovative products, as well as high-level services, to its clients. In order to maintain the necessary level of technical expertise within the senior management team, Technostrobe has recruited a new Vice-President of Operations, Guy Beauséjour, who joined the company at the beginning of January 2021. Mr Beauséjour will be responsible for a number of improvement projects, including new products and software currently under development or to be introduced over the next few years. 

Technostrobe has benefited from financial support from Fondaction, as well as legal advice from Mr Douglas W. Clarke of Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur and accounting advice from Mr Marcel Lemay of BCGO to help complete this transaction.

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