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Copper Labs Brings Energy-Driven Smart Home Orchestration to Samsung SmartThings platform

15 Nov 2021

Copper Labs, a company offering wireless real-time energy management (WREM) solutions, announced the integration of its wireless energy monitor into Samsung SmartThings, the premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT. 

Through SmartThings Energy, located within the SmartThings app, consumers can monitor and manage energy of connected appliances in real-time. The integration with Copper Labs’ technology contextualizes energy consumption data as it relates to the whole home and allows homeowners the ability to set automations based on time-of-use rates or demand response events by participating utilities.

“While SmartThings Energy tracks the energy consumption for smart devices, our data covers the whole home, letting users know how much energy they are using and when, and how that’s impacting the cost of their utility bills,” said Dan Forman, CEO of Copper Labs. 

Copper Labs’ WREM solution provides consumers and utilities real-time data from electric, gas and water meters. The easy-to-install wireless device plugs into any standard outlet and now connects to SmartThings to bring real-time energy data to its mobile app for consumers and web portals for utilities. 

“We’re excited to partner with Copper Labs given their unique offering in the market and ability to unlock data that is valuable to our customers,” said Chanwoo Park, Corporate Vice President and Head of IoT Business group at Samsung Electronics. “We are committed to enhancing the overall user experience, and as SmartThings Energy continues to expand, this integration further moves us into the demand management space with an integrated and differentiated solution.” 

As energy consumption continues to be top of mind, Copper Labs’ data enables visibility and control of thousands of devices through SmartThings and shares users’ impact on the overall energy grid, providing details about when to optimize energy consumption. Utilities will be able to engage consumers with targeted, personalized insights and demand response messages based on geography, major appliances and usage profiles when it matters most to the grid.

“By unlocking real-time, behind-the-meter energy, gas and water usage data, we are helping utilities and consumers make better decisions to balance and decarbonize the grid,” continued Forman. “This partnership is our first foray into empowering utilities and consumers with energy-driven smart home orchestration, and we’re looking forward to not only helping utilities and consumers take control of energy demand but also accelerating energy efficiency in a future that’s expected to witness increasing penetration of solar energy, EVs and batteries onto the grid.”

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