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EV Proponent, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, Reserves Units of the World’s First All-Electric Commercial Pickup, the Endurance From Lordstown Motors

07 Jan 2021

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, a leading, national fleet management company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, announced another major step on its continued mission to help clients evolve their fleets and improve their ROI with electric vehicles (EVs). Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has entered into an agreement with Lordstown Motors, based in Lordstown, Ohio, for delivery of a significant quantity of the Lordstown Endurance pickup model on behalf of their clients who want work trucks that are more efficient, safer and more productive on the job than internal combustion engine trucks.

“We are very excited about forming this new working relationship with EV manufacturer, Lordstown Motors. Like us, they firmly believe EVs are the very near and bright future for a growing number of commercial fleets. And Lordstown Motors has the perfect prototype to prove it. The Endurance pickup is truly ‘built for work’ as Lordstown Motors touts. Its innovative, all-electric in-wheel drive system with four hub motors and integrated software really caught our attention and set the Endurance apart from other EV pickups we’ve seen,” said Jeff Hart, president of Mike Albert Fleet Solutions.

“For many years, we’ve been helping several of our clients, from coast to coast, make the transition to electric cars and vans in industries like car-sharing, ridesharing, taxis, black cars, municipalities, transportation as a service and car subscription services. And now, with the production of the Endurance fully up and running within the next year or so, we look forward to assisting our clients who need powerful, smart-tech, zero-emission, hyper-efficient, revenue-generating work trucks in their fleets,” said Hart.

As a leader in electric light duty trucks, Lordstown Motors is an Ohio-based original equipment manufacturer of fleet vehicles, founded with the purpose of transforming Ohio's Mahoning Valley and Lordstown, Ohio into the epicenter of electric-vehicle manufacturing. The Endurance’s revolutionary use of an in-wheel hub motor design is expected to improve performance, efficiency, and safety, while providing a significant reduction in total cost of ownership. Lordstown will be the only manufacturer of full-size electric pickup trucks focused exclusively on the large commercial fleet market and is expected to be the first to come to market with the innovative hub motor design.

“‘Ride with Lordstown’ is not just a company slogan or catchphrase – it is the representation of a movement designed to empower the spirit of innovation in all of us,” said Steve Burns, CEO of Lordstown Motors. “The growth of that movement in Voltage Valley rests in the prioritization of the needs of our community of partners, like Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, leading to the revitalization of the sustainable, electric technology for the region and beyond.”

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions is one of the top leaders in fleet electrification and EV fleet management, nationwide. The EV team at Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has developed strong relationships with EV manufacturers and has acquired extensive EV product knowledge through experience and research. Their expertise includes:

  • Flexible financing terms for EVs
  • Monetization of EV incentives, grants and tax credits
  • TCO and ROI data collection and reporting for EV fleets
  • Assistance with charging needs via charging infrastructure and consultation partners

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