Glidepath Ventures Becomes Prospect14

16 Sep 2020

Glidepath Ventures (the "Company"), a leading clean energy-focused development and investment firm, announced that it is changing its corporate name to Prospect14 in order to better reflect its primary focus and mission of originating and developing utility-scale solar projects across North America.

Since its founding in 2017, the Company has originated a pipeline of over 3GW of solar and solar+storage energy projects in multiple markets in the United States, and has entered into transactions for the sale of almost 1.4GW of projects.

Carl Jackson, Partner of Prospect14, commented, "As we continue to expand our origination efforts across the United States, we wanted to do so under a forward-looking brand that represents our goal of driving the widespread adoption of solar energy."

Geoff Underwood, Partner of Prospect14, said, "We believe solar energy is key to a global transition to clean energy.  Our company prospects for attractive sites for solar energy, and by doing so we increase the prospect of a solar energy future. As for '14', that's the atomic number of silicon, the primary component of most solar panels.

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