More Homeowners in Central, Eastern and Western Regions Positioned to Benefit from Panasonic's Residential Solar Installer Program

14 Jul 2020

Panasonic announced seven new installers will recieve perks of the premium tier of the its Residential Solar Installer Program. These promotions enable more homeowners to access to the industry-leading Panasonic Solar Modules HIT portfolio.

In Florida, AC/DC Solar and Wayne's Solar bring Panasonic's premium residential solar solutions to Lakeland and Ormond Beach, respectively. California homeowners will have access to premium benefits in Bakersfield thanks to Fuzion Solar and in Orange County via Orange County Solar, while Wells Solar and Electrical Services, LLC expands Panasonic's installer program in Austin, Texas. Homeowners in Bellingham, Washington now have more options to purchase Panasonic solar products through Western Solar, Inc., and Sunny Corp now brings premium benefits to residents of Sewell, New Jersey.

"Homeowner demand for solar energy continues to grow, and they need local, trusted installers with quality products to meet those demands," said Mukesh Sethi, director, solar and energy storage, Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America. "AC/DC Solar, Wayne's Solar, Fuzion Solar, Orange County Solar, Wells Solar and Electrical Services, Western Solar and Sunny Corp are excellent partners to bring cutting-edge solar technology to homeowners in their respective markets."

Introduced in 2016, the Panasonic Solar Residential Installer Program provides exclusive benefits and business opportunities to partners who meet Panasonic's high standard of excellence. In addition to business- boosting perks, members of these exclusive tiers are able to pass on to consumers the benefits they receive, like special pricing and preferred access to in-demand and new products.

"We are excited to welcome these new installers to the premium tier of the Panasonic Residential Installer Program," said Yessica Castillo, national marketing manager, Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America. "We look forward to supporting them with several industry-leading business investments, like cooperative marketing funds, qualified sales leads, access to an exclusive library of tailored marketing materials, training programs and communications tools designed specifically to help grow their businesses."

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