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Premium grid-optional commercial energy solution

14 Jul 2020

Peerless-AV announces a product partnership with Blue Planet Energy to develop the Blue Ion LXHV, a premium grid-optional energy solution that brings together a wide range of sustainable energy options to power critical infrastructure and businesses. Through a ruggedized, custom enclosure manufactured by Peerless-AV, Blue Planet Energy’s non-toxic battery system and an integrated site controller, the product provides reliable energy for resilience projects that are built independent of, or in conjunction with, the utility grid. These include applications where energy is absolutely critical, like emergency services and healthcare facilities, or prohibitively high-cost, such as regions with expensive utility rate structures, or where business continuity during grid outages is imperative. The Blue Ion LXHV grid-optional energy solution enclosure is built to withstand and thrive in the tough situations. Features of the solution include a fire-safe battery chemistry and built-in battery management system; an integrated site controller accessible via a touchscreen on the enclosure or an app; a tunable cooling system and eco-friendly reusable and washable air filter; and easy installation and serviceability features like the zero displacement door hinge and removable top service entrance. The Blue Ion LXHV is a 125kW/128kWh system that is easily expandable in 32kWh increments to 2+MWh, with a 21-year life expectancy (8,000 cycles). The system also includes a pre-tested and pre-configured battery inverter and flexible microgrid control software allowing for optional integration with generators, renewables, or the grid. Blue Planet Energy solutions are available in various locations around the world, with installations in California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and beyond.

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Volume: 2020 July/August