Powin Energy Finding Success in the Ontario Global Adjustment Market

28 May 2020

In the past year, Powin Energy Corporation (Powin) has installed energy storage systems in many of the key North American markets performing critical cost saving applications. Powin has recently played a key role in meeting the demand of and ultimately saving money for industrials across Ontario, Canada. Large-scale battery projects are beneficial to commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers that participate in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), as they can minimize their Global Adjustment Charge (GAC), allowing them to capitalize during periods of highest energy consumption.

Ontario's GAC policy provides a great opportunity for C&I users to transition to using energy storage.  When C&Is are able to reduce their peak demand, they can massively reduce their GAC, resulting in an extremely attractive payback on their investment in batteries.

Powin has deployed more than 100 megawatt-hours (MWh) of batteries, which perform Global Adjustment coincident peak reduction and services for the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Such deployment of Powin batteries is reducing demand during peak periods, and ICI participants are realizing consequential savings in their global adjustment costs, enabling them to defer the need for investments in new electricity infrastructure.

In addition to the operating projects, Powin has a portfolio of 11 contracted projects totaling close to 80 MWh, which are scheduled to be commissioned over the next three months. Kruger Energy, a key customer in the Ontario market, has selected Powin to deliver a 2 MWh ESS solution for one of their packaging facilities in Ontario. Powin's channel partner for Canada, SunGrid Solutions, performed EPC and container integration work the project, in addition to originating Powin's relationship with Kruger Energy.

Geoff Brown, President of Powin said, "We are pleased to provide our C&I customers an effective and efficient way to curb demand charge costs while at the same time providing them with economic and environmental benefits. The current structure of the Ontario market results in a huge opportunity for the widescale deployment of battery storage solutions, and we are excited to continue expanding our presence and supplying our customers with cost-effective demand response tools."

Cyrus Etemadi, Energy Storage Manager with Kruger Energy stated, "After doing extensive industry research, with particular attention paid to the safety of battery storage, the Powin-SunGrid partnership really stood out. Further, the fact that Powin uses batteries with a lithium ion phosphate cell composition in its energy storage systems is a testament to their commitment to delivering an unparalleled, durable, non-toxic, landfill safe, cobalt-free product."

Jeremy Goertz, Managing Director with SunGrid Solutions said, "Powin provides cutting-edge technology, and they recognize the importance of safety and cost effectiveness in their products. We are proud to have such a strong relationship with an industry force like Powin, and with Ontario being the largest market for battery energy storage solutions to date, Powin has proven that they are a long-term partner that values relationships necessary to build successful projects."

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