HST Adopts BareFLEET Monitoring to Support Global Expansion

02 Dec 2019

High Speed Transfers (HST), an innovative Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) operator supporting the offshore wind energy and oil and gas industries, is adopting BareFLEET, Reygar's advanced remote monitoring system, across the entirety of its fleet as the business looks to replicate its European successes in the U.S. and Taiwanese markets. 

Offshore energy is an increasingly global sector, and leading vessel operators investing early in a best practice approach to remote monitoring and reporting are creating a strong base from which to expand their operations into new growth markets.

BareFLEET affords CTV operators numerous operational and commercial benefits. By automatically recording and drawing critical vessel data into a single portal, the system removes the opportunity for human error and significantly reduces reporting time. BareFLEET gives operators full visibility over fleet activity, health and performance, monitoring the status of the engine, vessel motion and navigation - adding demonstrable value for clients.

Tom Nevin, CEO of HST, said: "Reygar's extensive heritage in marine engineering for renewables and offshore energy has enabled them to create an innovative and versatile system that has supported us in delivering operational best practice and transparency for our clients across Europe." 

"We currently have BareFLEET installed on each of our four Damen FCS 2710 vessels, having adopted Reygar's system early on in order to build solid foundations for our commercial expansion. We have now signed memorandum agreements with partners in the U.S. and Taiwan, and look forward to maintaining our high operational standards as we address the demands and opportunities of these emerging markets."

Meeting unique operational requirements in the U.S.

HST has a partnership in place with Boston Line & Services in the U.S., which will see the business deliver crew transfer and logistical support to East Coast offshore wind farms and the wider offshore energy sector. In U.S. waters, BareFLEET will make it straightforward for the business to monitor fuel consumption data, and may in future also be used to log Nitrogen Oxide emissions using specialist sensors, in order to meet market-specific requirements such as EPA Tier 4.

Rob Pearce, Commercial Manager, Boston Line & Services, added: "We were impressed with the obvious value added by the BareFLEET system, and are very pleased that our agreement with HST will see this rolled out across our vessels. This level of reporting has not been seen in the U.S. market so far, which will set a high bar for transparency and vessel performance optimization going forward." 

Setting a benchmark for safe, cost-effective operations in Taiwan

HST also have an agreement in place in Taiwan, with Dong Fang Offshore (DFO) covering three CTVs and the roll-out of a training programme for local crews.

Cory Cheng, Commercial Associate Manager, Dong Fang Offshore, said: "HST's adoption of BareFLEET means that we have been able to establish a relationship built on both operational transparency and strong results. The system will enable us to deliver high-quality, cost-effective support to the growing offshore wind market in Taiwan, without compromising on technical availability or safety."

Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director, Reygar, concluded: "We are proud to support the expansion of HST into the global offshore energy market, and in turn helping to ensure that the highest operational standards can be maintained in the USA and Taiwan. HST is demonstrating how BareFLEET's versatility and cost-effectiveness lends itself to a growing modern fleet of next-generation CTVs."

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