Craneless technology reaching new heights 

15 May 2019

The LT1200 Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane is Liftra’s contribution to lower costs for owners and operators by enabling craneless replacement of major components. Getting the crane up to the nacelle is accomplished with a base system that is installed inside the nacelle, and a hoist block is lifted up, threading wires from the container to the base. The crane itself climbs the wires from the container and mounts onto the base. From there, no further assembly is required, and operation can begin. The new LT1200 Self-Hoisting Crane can lower and lift major components up to 78 tons, can be used on turbines with a hub height up to 170m, and is safe to operate in winds up to 18 m/s. LT1200 is delivered in a single 40ft container for easy mobilization, meaning no prior groundwork, and a minimal on-site footprint.

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Volume: 2019 May/June