Advanced LED lighting system

15 May 2019

Xeleum Lighting introduces its Phaeton Parking Garage fixture, a high efficiency outdoor/indoor IP65 wet location rated LED luminaire featuring fully integrated wireless lighting controls, including occupancy sensing and true daylight harvesting, in a 14” square fixture which provides uniform illumination and low glare photometrics. It’s designed specifically for applications where moisture or dust is an issue and as a replacement for fluorescent and high intensity discharge fixtures in existing installations. It complies with DLC Parking Garage Photometric and 4.2 Premium technical requirements and is also suited for applications such as tunnels, canopies, building entrances, and food facilities. The Phaeton achieves its uniform illumination and low glare through use of proprietary hybrid diffuser/lens optics with up-light prisms to eliminate hot spots and spreads light evenly throughout the surrounding ceiling and floor areas. Integrated into each Phaeton Fixture is Xeleum's Xi-Fi Wireless Control System, a powerful and easy to commission network capability which can reduce energy usage by as much as 90%. It features an intuitive user interface and enables users to create groups of fixtures, adjust light levels, control illumination, and manage time-out settings, without having to make any physical adjustments at the fixtures. This architecturally attractive luminaire, available in 40W and 75W models, features fast pay-back with efficiency of up to 140 lumens per watt; greater safety and comfort with brighter, more uniform illumination; full compliance with IESNA requirements; optional external emergency power module, and easy one-person installation.

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Volume: 2019 May/June