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15 Jul 2019

Valentin Software's new version of the design software PV*SOL premium 2019 makes the design of photovoltaic systems easy and efficient. The inclusion of complex parameters for detailed technical replication of the entire PV system and consumers now includes the detailed input of electric vehicles that can be divided into several groups. For each group, the user can determine the vehicle type, number, and expected kilometers. The timings at the charging station can be set individually for each group, 7 days a week. When inputting the installation of the module array, 3D models can be imported via an interface. Another addition is the calculation of bifacial modules. After the automatic transfer of necessary data from the 3D visualization, the irradiation is calculated for the backs of the mounted modules. The additional yield is shown separately in the energy balance. Other helpful additions for optimizing a system are the output of the U-V characteristics for each time step of the simulation, as well as an energy flow diagram representing the overall system including the battery system and consumers. PV*SOL is a valuable tool for both the right sizing and the determination of profitability. A dimensioning aid for the size of the battery storage performs the calculation of the battery for the user, thus facilitating the design. PV*SOL is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. The project reports can also be produced in many other languages.

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Volume: 2019 July/August