Full-range technology fuses

15 May 2019

SIBA Fuses introduces True Full-Range Technology with their SIBA 7.2kV and 12kV fuses which are capable of operating at 100% full-range tested voltage and rated currents. Their 7.2kV fuses are available up to 180A in a single body and 12kV fuses up to 160A. For the increased levels of power used, such as in wind applications, SIBA developed high-voltage SSK type fuse-links that extend the range of usage for switch-fuse combinations up to larger transformers. In connection with the temperature limiting striker pin, which avoids switchgear damage caused by higher temperatures, this high-voltage fuse type allows proper and cost-effective fusing of distribution transformers by means of switch-fuse combinations with low power losses and high interrupt rating. These switch-fuse combinations can replace more expensive CB’s, even in the case of transformer powers of up to 3,150kVA, and can limit the short-circuit power early in the process.

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Volume: 2019 May/June