PERC and mono solar technologies

14 Nov 2018

Mission Solar, a U.S. based supplier of high -efficiency solar modules, has debuted four new solar panels. MSE PERC 60 is a 60-cell module which features five busbar technology, offering a power output of 310W. The sleek, all black design gives this module quality aesthetics, making its application a solution for residential and commercial projects. MSE PERC 60 incorporates a white back sheet to provide a power output of 315W. MSE Mono 72 features monocrystalline, five busbar technology with a power output of 350W. Commercial and utility scale projects are suitable for this product. Mission Solar Energy’s highest performing module is a 72-cell panel, MSE PERC 72, featuring PERC, five busbar cells with a power output of 370W. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, this product is best suited for commercial and utility-scale projects. Production of the new product line is expected to ramp up in Q4 of this year, making products available in early 2019.

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