Innolith Delivers First 60 GWh-Throughput Battery

10 Oct 2018

Innolith announced a breakthrough in battery technology for grid and industrial applications that will see the lifetime throughput more than doubled compared to previous batteries. The new battery technology when used in an Innolith GridBank system will have a lifetime throughput of over 60 GWh of energy over its 50,000 cycle lifetime and so dramatically cut costs for the use of batteries for grid applications.

The performance breakthrough means that Innolith batteries will now cost between one third and one tenth per cycle compared to conventional Li-ion batteries. This will enable more batteries to be deployed to harvest renewables, stabilise the grid through frequency regulation and provide other grid services.

“The increased battery throughput has been achieved through a combination of greater cell power and a decrease in battery fade,” explains Markus Borck, Chief Engineer of Innolith AG. “Our development work has led to the breakthroughs where we have increased the power in the cells while reducing the loss of energy capacity over time.”

The higher power and lower fade of the Innolith cells has involved the reformulation of the cell chemistry and materials. Though the parallel experimentation approach pioneered at Innolith’s labs in Bruchsal, Germany, the development team are able to conduct up to 1,500 concurrent experiments.

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