High performance tapping and thread milling solutions

15 Jan 2018

Sandvik Coromant has launched new tapping and thread milling tools for ISO S materials (titanium and nickel-based alloys). The products have been specifically designed to deliver process security on high-value components, such as engine casings, thus providing reductions in scrap rates and machine downtime. Developed to offer consistent and repeatable results, optimized geometry on the new taps for titanium includes a small positive rake angle for challenging materials and an innovative, wear resistant ACN (aluminium chromium nitride) coating that helps prevent weld formations. To avoid chip jamming in challenging material, the taps also have a high flank clearance for reduced friction. For stable tapping, the tools for nickel-based alloys feature a reduced helix of 10°. The thread mills are produced with MJ thread forms with a 27° helix, the optimum angle for threading exotic materials. MJ thread forms are prevalent in the aerospace industry as they help reduce stress in the thread root of components.


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Volume: 2018 January/February