UL-listed snap-in mounting accessory

14 Nov 2017

Legrand, North America announced that its Wattstopper High Bay Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensors feature the first ever Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed snap-in mounting accessory. The snap-in design, now standard on all HBP-100 Series installation products as well as the extender modules, allows for quicker and safer installation. These sensors help facility managers avoid down time and help contractors meet project deadlines while maintaining safety standards. The HBP-100 Series provide automatic control of individual LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures in warehouses, distribution centers, parking garages, and other indoor and low bay spaces. The HBP-100 series sensors passed one of the most significant tests for this type of product design called the UL Conduit Nipple Strength Test for Non-Metallic Enclosures, which requires products to withstand a 5 ft/lb impact without cracking the enclosure or separating the sensor from the fixture. Products with this UL rating ensure reliability and safety of people and property, reducing the likelihood of injury from electrical shock or fire and damage to fixtures or electrical box-mounted controls.


Legrand, North America | http://www.legrand.us


Volume: 2017 November/December