Go Electric Inc. Awarded Advanced Energy Storage Contract for Fort Custer Microgrid Demonstration Program

12 Sep 2017

Go Electric Inc., a provider of advanced energy solutions, announced it has been awarded a $499,506 contract by Electricore, Inc. for a demonstration microgrid project at the Fort Custer Training Center in Michigan. The project is funded by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP), a Department of Defense program for promoting the transfer of proven innovative technologies into field use.

Go Electric will deliver a 400 kW/160 kWh battery energy storage system (BESS) and will provide engineering support for the installation and commissioning of the BESS into a facility-wide microgrid. Go Electric will also support the integration of a microgrid controller provided by power management company Eaton.

Electricore, a non-profit consortium formed at the request of the Department of Defense to implement advanced energy, transportation and electronics technologies, is leading the project with support from Eaton and local utility Consumers Energy. The Michigan Army National Guard, which utilizes Fort Custer alongside several other units, is hosting the project. The microgrid will enhance power surety, energy resilience, distributed generation management and demand response, while contributing to the critical power needs of nearby military installations. In addition to the 400 kW BESS, the microgrid includes 1.375 MW of legacy diesel generators and 720 kW of photovoltaics (PV).

”Electricore is delighted to have Go Electric on the project team,” said Deborah Jelen, Program Manager of Electricore. “Go Electric’s previous work on the Camp Smith SPIDERS microgrid project will be valuable experience to bring to the Fort Custer project.”

“We are pleased to deliver our third military microgrid project. Our continuing collaboration with Department of Defense microgrid programs will further grow and validate our technology,” said Lisa Laughner, CEO and President of Go Electric.

Electricore | http://www.electricore.org

Go Electric | http://www.goelectricinc.com