Solar Farm Company Sells Off another 2GW and ISS's 2017-2018 Pipeline Dwindling Fast

17 Apr 2017

Innovative Solar Systems, an Asheville, NC based developer of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects has just announced that the company is closing on another 2GW's of Solar Farms with a very large investor buyer. This latest sale of ISS's solar farm projects represents a deal worth hundreds of millions to Innovative Solar and their EPC partners and billions to the buyer of the projects, approximately a total of fifty (50) projects in all. There is no debate in the Solar Industry that Innovative Solar Systems is now the single largest developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the US. ISS has a revolving pipeline of almost 10GW's of solar farm projects per year now in over thirty (30) key US States. This latest deal has secured ISS a very large investor partner for large blocks of the companies Solar Farms over the next several years. Many large investors, funds and private family offices have recently formed partnerships and relationships with ISS and soon the company will no longer be accepting any new clients as the company's pipeline will be spoken for over the next 5-10 years.

The last several large investor buyers for Innovative Solar Systems large blocks of Solar Farm projects have all made the same comments to ISS owners, Principals, and ISS's Executive Team Members and those comments were the following, "We Looked at over 30 large developers of Solar Farm projects in the US before entering in contracts w/ ISS after determining that ISS was the highest quality and most sophisticated developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the US". Innovative Solar Systems has been developing, designing and building large scale Solar Farms here in the US for six years and is considered to be the gold standard for Utility Scale Solar Farm projects. ISS is known for the fact that the company handles it all from early stage development, moving projects to financial close, NTP and then supplying the most credit worthy EPC's at unheard of pricing to efficiently construct and warrant these projects.

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