Businesses: Top 4 Reasons to Install Rooftop Solar

22 Mar 2017

When it comes to going solar, some businesses are hesitant to make the switch. We get it—you can’t try it on. You can’t sample it. But with careful planning and a competent team of solar professionals, installing a solar PV system can be a great investment that provides increasing returns for over twenty years.

Rooftop solar is one of several options your business can take to reap the benefits of solar energy. Here are a few ways a roof mount solar system can benefit your company:

Reduce the Cost of Operating your Business
Making the switch to solar energy will help offset your operational expenses regardless of whether you choose a roof mount, ground mount, or carport solar structure. As any business knows, your energy bill can be a big portion of your company’s budget. Installing a solar system that meets some or all of your energy needs can allow you to take control of your energy bill and invest your savings into other areas of your business.

Utilize Existing Space
Rooftop solar is a great option for putting your businesses’ existing space to work. Especially for businesses that don’t have a suitable parking lot for a solar carport or enough open land for a ground mount installation, rooftop solar is a viable alternative for achieving your clean energy goals. Of course, it is first important to determine if your roof is a candidate for solar based on the material it’s made of, the direction it faces, any risk of shading from nearby trees or structures, and the condition of the roof.

Quick Installation
Rooftop solar typically installs faster than ground mount or carport solar structures because roof mount solar generally requires fewer differing components and lighter weight materials depending on the system design. Since the mounting system is going on your roof, there is no additional expense to clear away land or drill foundations.

Attract Customers and Employees
In addition to bringing in savings for your businesses and reducing carbon emissions, going solar is a great marketing and PR tool for your company. Today’s consumers—particularly Millennials—are increasingly giving their money to companies that adopt sustainable initiatives and operate responsibly.

But you won’t just see the benefits of solar energy in your sales. Choosing to go solar sends a positive message about your company culture and values that can attract and keep new talent. You’ll find many companies that make an effort to give back and embrace sustainable practices on your local “best places to work” list. Utilizing solar energy for your business creates a brand message that both customers and employees can buy in to. 


Alicia Auhagen

RBI Solar Inc. |