InfluxData Announces Performance and Visualization Enhancements to its Cloud-Based, Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics Platform

16 Mar 2017

InfluxData, the Modern Data Engine for Metrics and Events, and the company behind the leading open source platform for time-series data, announces that InfluxCloud 1.2 is immediately available. InfluxCloud is a managed cloud offering powered by the open source TICK stack, and includes enhanced functionality around scalability, availability, and security. 

"The SMARTSolar platform allows BBOXX to monitor their Solar Products around the globe and satisfy the energy needs of families who live off-the-grid in rural areas," said David McLean, Lead Developer at BBOXX.  "InfluxCloud allows storage, retrieval and continuous real-time analysis of the data that BBOXX collects. By combining powerful machine-learning algorithms with the InfluxCloud infrastructure, BBOXX can identify trends, usage patterns and even detect problems before they exist." 

"Starting today, our InfluxCloud customers receive some exciting new capabilities," said Tim Hall, Vice President of Products at InfluxData.  "We have been able to upgrade the underlying architecture of the database to support a 50% increase in write performance, as well as integrate the latest version of Grafana to create beautiful metric and analytic dashboards." 

"We are delighted to see InfluxCloud upgrade to the latest version of Grafana," said Torkel Ă–degaard, the creator of Grafana. "InfluxCloud provides an end-to-end monitoring solution that is critical for businesses to help them detect and respond to service issues that impact business uptime." 

InfluxCloud 1.2 includes all the recently announced enhancements from InfluxEnterprise 1.2: 

  • InfluxDB has extended its query language to support sub-queries. This allows users to be more efficient in finding insights in their data. 
  • InfluxDB has an improved underlying data cache which yields a 50% write performance boost under load, allowing users to rapidly store even more data than before. 
  • Kapacitor has enhanced alert condition handling which allows greater flexibility and simplicity in sending notifications. 
  • InfluxDB offers enhanced backup and restore options. 

InfluxCloud customers using Grafana 4.1 can now: 

  • Use ad-hoc filter variables to create new key/value filters on the fly allowing for more exploratory dashboards. 
  • Leverage new user interface improvements including a new row menu and add panel experience, keyboard shortcuts, and support for TV and kiosk mode. 
  • Explore shared tooltips on all graphs as you hover over one graph. 

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